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Connecting with Nature Workshop

Saturday 15th October

We are now offering a Connecting with Nature Workshop on a Saturday.

It offers an introduction to counselling skills outdoors and nature meditation, to counsellors and mental health workers. We will explore the therapeutic value of being in nature by drawing on the 5 Pathways to Nature*. Numbers are restricted.

Feedback from our previous workshop includes:

It was a very special day, thank you for putting so much restorative time in it, it really paid off. I've come away feeling really motivated to work outside!

Many thanks to you and Leslie for a great workshop. And the amazing experience of spending a day in the woods with you both. I found the last mediation very soothing and had the best sleep that evening!

I really enjoyed the workshop; it was a useful starting point to think about how to incorporate the outdoors into art therapy work. In terms of general wellbeing, it was lovely to be in the forest.

To register your interest, type workshop into the subject heading at

* Dr Miles Richardson

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