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Relaxation, restoration and reflection on our work

Updated: Feb 23

Bristol Counselling Outdoors and Rewilding Meditation are offering an afternoon session on Friday 15th March for counsellors, therapists and people who offer mental health support.

More info and booking is available at:

Feedback from the January session includes:

Thank you so much I really found it a great space to reflect... 

I found the meditative aspect great and I found your guidance in 'going with' what we noticed really helpful also.  

It was such a lovely afternoon. I appreciated the supervision...I enjoyed the short meditations and would have like slightly longer but then something else would've been sacrificed! Just tells me I need a bit more meditation in nature!

Beautiful serene spot, Wonderful connections, A fire! 

Thank you for holding such a beautiful space 

It was so wonderful to be with you in the woods on Friday! I really liked the gentle pace and valued the brief meditations as we started and ended. The woods were amazing! Such rich terrain for exploring.

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