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I first started offering supervision to helpline workers for a Bristol mental health charity in 2003 and completed my Counselling Supervision qualification in 2007. 

I work with experienced counsellors, counsellors in training and practitioners who work in a helping profession and need time outside of their organisation to reflect on their work.

Supervision helps us reflect on our work and fine-tune how available and effective our counselling relationships are. I view supervision as offering support and challenge. I offer an open, caring and congruent relationship so that we can work together to offer the most effective counselling or helping relationship to your clients. 

I have always found the Hawkins and Shohet's model of supervision fun, helpful and creative.  I'm also fascinated by how organisational dynamics can impact on our work so I find Michael Carroll's work useful. I find Judy Ryde's writing on working with difference (including power) in supervision, continually thought-provoking.

I have been practising Buddhist meditation since 2007 and often find this offers a useful reflection on self-care and generally dealing with the messy business of being human.

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